Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Saturday, it's almost Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone!
My girls and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!


So, how are you knitting this year?! I've not been knitting a whole lot this year...but that that I usually knit is something for someone else but....a few nights ago I decided to cast on something for me (and right before Christmas with NO Christmas knitting done!). I had 10 skeins of SWTC's beautiful Therapi, it's a make up of fine wool, silk and actual jewel, such fun! I'm knitting a heavy type of lace shawl for cool weather with this gorgeous yarn. One of my very fave patterns, Evelyn Clark's Flower Basket Shawl, I've knit a few of these, but never one for me so I know it's a fun, fast knit. I hope to be done by Sunday so that I can knit a few stocking stuffers for my daughter's stocking. She may be 26, but she'll always be my baby and will always have a stocking! I'll post pics after Christmas!
Speaking of "after Christmas," I'm having my 6th hip surgery, which will be my 3rd hip revision (revising/redoing a previous hip revision, 3rd time it's been done). I have said a thousand times if once that I'd NEVER have another hip replacement, but alas, when the pain reaches a certain level there's nothing that can be done but the surgery... But, that's not too bad because MANY improvements have been done. For example, rather than an 18 inch incision along the outside of my femur there will be a 4 inch incision on the top of it, right @ the pelvis and the surgery is way less invasive (invasive it is, but not nearly so much). Have a look at an animation of the surgery.
Stay tuned...2012 will be a wonderful knitting year! I know of one new book in the works, another 101 Skeins Wonders book, this one will be about lace knitting! FUN FUN FUN!!!

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