Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Will I Ever Return?!.....

OH me, oh my!!
Here I go saying I'm going to blog regularly and what did I do...NOT blog regularly!
Life has been a whirlwind around here...to say the very least!
Our youngest daughter got a FAT promotion and raise and had to transfer to another city with 3 (yeah, that's right THREE) days notice!!
Of course, her company put her up in the Hyatt until she found a place, which she did .... PRAISE GOD! She has wonderful landlady/landlord, too! And that means a LOT to parents when their baby is in another city!
Well, not only did she get transferred...had to come home in the midst of opening the new college to have knee surgery!
while she was home for a week she helped up pack up...and the girl has more stuff than anyone I know!!! My goodness, no way, no how do we have nearly as much stuff as she!!!
Took us not one, but TWO huge loads to get all of her stuff to her new home!

In the meantime she had to find someone to keep her gorgeous hairless sphinx! A dear friend of ours kept her for a while, but youngest daughter can't get her until she's been declawed...our friend couldn't keep Giselda any longer, I picked her up tonight...I pray that she gets along with Sally (mini doxie) and vice versa. I don't have a photo of her tonight, but here she is in all of her glory @ their old home:

She gorgeous or what?! And...the most loving cat ever!!!

FYI, in the move I sprained both ankles and 5 fingers, I'm such a klutz!! 
Or, perhaps...moved too many things that were much to heavy (that's the truth, actually, but shhhh, my hubby and doc would both be SO MAD if they knew!!)

Until the next time....perhaps some knitting! 
But, of course, gotta wait till these fingers heal before I can knit, LOL!

Here's wishing all of you a wonderful end of summer/beginning of fall!


hakucho said...

Hope all your injuries heal quickly so you can get back to your knitting :)

bunnits said...

Here's hoping all goes well. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Lovely kitty. Cats are amazing creatures. I wouldn't know how to behave without one (or more) around.

Rita Martinez said...

hey Becka!! I don't know if you remember me from knitting help, you once wrote an advice on my blog bc I was kinda struggling during that time and not trusting the Lord.
Anyhow just wanted to say hi! :)
God bless ya!