Friday, August 06, 2010


Hi Everyone!
A very quick note...I had to have what my doc called "urgent" surgery July 29.
All went well...'cept for that pesky leakage of spinal fluid!!! Headache that has no words! Made a migraine feel all warm & fuzzy. With that said, my wonderful pain doc corrected it Wed. by doing a blood patch, now that said ....a VERY painful procedure, but worth it! 1st time I've been physically able to lift my head since surgery, well, without mind altering pain!
All that to went well, thus far and recovery should be down hill from here on in....

Onto important things, like knitting!
A publisher was kind enough to ask that I advertise an upcoming knitting book on my sites and I will have a review of this surprise book in the near future.

God Bless you all,


bunnits said...

Oh, gosh! Sounds like you've really been through it and need some prayers and blessings. Sending some your way and hoping all goes well for you.

Becka said...

Thanks, my friend!