Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Music Man Sings & Plays Guitar AND a bit about knitting....

Hello Friends!
Yeah, I know - I've had no business owning a blog this year! Goodness, my skills are non-existent! I have to say that my discovery of Facebook has become more like an online addiction and that is where I spend my time! Again .... my sincere apologies.

As for knitting, not much happening lately. I'm afraid I've had a tough time with my hands and couldn't knit a stitch for several months! AND in the last month I've knit several repeats on a lovely Cozy from Knitty using Debbie Bliss Silk will be gorgeous! But, alas, I have to set it aside to knit a few baby garments for a new family member, Peyton! AND, if you know anything about my knitting habits...I DETEST having more than 1 project OTN!! But, for this little angel, I'm happy to put Cozy aside to knit a few items for her.
A shocker...I canNOT knit socks for a while! (AND...don't miss the VIDEOS of my Music Man singing and playing....) 

Can't use the small needles! Small needles hurt my hands a great deal. Yeah, my passion for socknitting has been put on the far back burner! But that's okay, I'll be socknitting again in no time (Lord willing).

For those of you who loved reading about the way that my wonderful husband spoils me with surprises, just wanted to let ya know that he continues with this wonderful habit! Latest surprises - new laptop, latest Photoshop Elements, newest ITouch, to name a few!

Speaking of my Music Man, I have a couple of videos that I would like to include. LOL, now please, please, please know that I've not shot a video in 15+ years! LOL, and it's very evident when you see these shaky videos shot with my camera! No tripod, nor actual video camera. He and the church band were invited to play in the monthly Folk Festival last month and I decided (after the songs began) to video a couple of my faves! They are FANTASTIC...even this little camera video which was shot from the very back of the room shows their talent! My sweet Music Man is the tall blond, (wearing a black shirt) sitting on a stole on the far left, playing rhythm guitar and singing harmony during these 2 songs. The songs are Bob Dylan's "Serve Somebody" and "There is No Excuse" by someone like the Blind Boys of Mississippi or something like that (will have to check with Bobby [harmonica player] - he knows the original songsters). I hope that you enjoy them as much as we do (again, my apologies for the video quality [lol, more like - lack of quality]). "Serve Somebody" OH yeah, the line that Bobby inserted "You might walk with a limp.." is about yours truly, LOL!!! AND, next: "There is No Excuse"

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