Thursday, April 30, 2009

Say It Ain't So.....I've NOT Lost that Bloggin' Feelin'

Life has gotten in the way and I've not blogged in forever!


I'm knitting ....stealth projectsall that I can say......... (fun, too!)
I've had a battle with pain over the past year - hinky weather = increase in painwhen one has my condition. BUT, that's okay, I'm not dying or anything, just happen to live with pain.

But, I'm afraid I have dropped the ball on blogging. 

With that said - the time has come for me to pick it up!
So - I'm saying (again, hopefully I'll follow thru) that as soon as I finish a few small projects that I will ONCE AGAIN be the blogger that I was!!  (or something like that....)

Hey, I think I'll have a contest soon.....who knows?!

So, with no knitting pics to share, I leave you with my fur babes....

Sally (queen of the manor)

And, of course, Moshi, the most laid back cat in the world! And, the boy weighs around 17 lbs - HUGE!! And, of course, GORGEOUS!!!

 (Like I said - laid back!)

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Sandi said...

Catching up with my blogger friends! A day late, but Happy Mother's Day! I am pretty sure you had a great day, and were spoiled very well!