Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy July!

Oh Dear, I thought that I would actually be back with a post a bit quicker, oops again!
I did find out why I had the blues, though! Yes, I've had health problems for several months, but in doing so both during the problems and afterward I'm ashamed to say that I absolutely quit doing my daily devotion with God and my prayer times! I have a routine in which I do devotions and Bible reading and prayer every morning....this starts my day, gives me energy, etc! I then, of course, pray throughout the day, I talk to God all the time. LOL, I'm not some crazy lady who chats about having tea with Jesus or anything like that, LOL! But, I do pray all day, the bible tells us in Thessalonians and Ephesians (and other places) that we are to talk to God all the time and I do....usually! But, I've been in a slump, had the blues, allowing depression to set in and it's as if God has this "invisible bat" that He has to use to get my attention! I all of a sudden realize...DUH, that I've not been spending time with God!!! Well, I'm happy to say that I have returned to devotions, Bible reading and prayers (I pray for many of you all of the time, by the way!) and I am REFRESHED!! I want to apologize to all of you for not stopping by your blogs, being a DUD in general and most especially...for not having been praying for you!

Onto knitting! Well, I'm happy now and when I'm happy I'm creative! I finally finished the last of the Pay it Forward gifts to my dear friends that have been patient for so long, Colleen and Jacquie - I'm afraid that they had to wait months for me to send their PIF gifts and I thank you angels from the bottom of my heart for your kind patience and understanding! My other PIF angel, Julie had received her 2nd gift a (Hope Scarf much earlier. I'm so thankful to have been a part of this wonderful exchange and to have had such wonderful angels - both in giving and receiving!
Okay, to Colleen I sent Lana & Clark Ascot, a couple of kerchiefs and some st. markers (FYI, making st. markers are as addictive as knitting!)

And for the wonderful Jacquie I sent a Bath Ensemble along with some of my very favorite soap! (Jacquie received st. markers as the 1st 1/2 of her PIF gift) I happened to get one picture with everything for Jacquie, which included washcloths, a headband and backscrubber both of which I fashioned from the designs from a couple of the cloths.

I have to say it again, Pay It Forward is one of the best exchanges I've ever been in, I hope it continues for years!

I'm currently working on a new pair of socks for Lonnie, after that, another pair for him (he's asking for more socks, and if he asks, I knit!). I hope to finally finish the "A Touch of Whimsy" socks because ya'll know how much I DETEST having more than one project OTN!! And I have several designs on the "drawing table"...more like the "graph paper"...oh, and I found this top that I so want to knit for me!

I just joined another new Ravelry group which should be fun, it's the Blog Comment Train in which we go about reading and commenting on each others' blogs! I hope to keep up with them and to finally set about catching up with all of my fellow blogging buddies!!

God Bless and Happy Knitting to One and All!!!


Sandi said...

Hi! You are right on about spending time with the Lord! I have been wanting to do stitch markers for sometime, so I got all the supplies, a book and sat down. I got one done, and I had so much trouble I gave up. But then I see yours and I am inspired to sit down and do them again! Sandi

Pirk said...

I was going to comment on one of the profile pictures, painted background and "knit" on top, but as I am a very talented procrastinator, I didn't get to it until now. I think your art is marvellous.

I didn't want to see that new book, you have on the side bar, but I went and looked anyway.

Those markers are very nice.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Thank you for your compliment on my socks :-) They were fun to make - and my youngest son loves them. He is almost 16 months now... time flies.
My compliments though for the PIF gifts - they look beautiful.

Mama Bear said...

Great to see you posting! Thank you for the reminder to turn to the Lord for our strength and joy Your post brought Psalms 28:7 to mind :)

More than 1 project ONT?
Oh no, watch out, it could be contagious ;) I don't have enough on the needles, as I keep finding myself having to figure out what to knit next instead of having something waiting for my attention.

Praying for you.

Angie said...

Did you know that you are bookmarked in "my favorites"? I found you a couple of years ago by your flower washcloth pattern. Glad to see that you are feeling better.

Sharon said...

So happy to hear that you're feeling better. It's even better to see that you're blogging again. You've been missed!

Suzanne said...

Proverbs 30:5 says,"Every word of God is flawless;he is a shield to those who take refuge in him." I pray that God will be your shield. Thanks for reminding me to stay in the word!

roxtarchic said...

I know I told YOU.... but I would like EVERYONE to know... how beautiful and wonderful these gifts were... I've never had ANYONE knit for me like this... I was touched and you totally FORGOT TO MENTION 'THE' SIPPY CUP... yeah... he tossed out the other one, cause he LOVES his nuby sippy cup... please tell that wonderful man he picked a winner!!! our lil guy's sucking water outta that thing like he's a pro! (and he only gnawed on the other one as if to tease me look mommy i'm drinking from the sippy cup.... PSYCH) hahaha....


and i will blog about it... just as soon as we clear up space on the computer so i can upload the pics (who knew all the pics of our lil man would take up so much harddrive space) sheeeesh

Kay aka dkswife said...

Hey, I hear you about talking to the Lord. He is what has given us life! Without Him we would be nothing!

I wish you well with your health issues!

God Bless

Dkswife from the Rav Blog Train

Nobones said...

Missed you! Your projects are (as always) stunning.

I'm so pleased you feel up to blogging and knitting again.

Happy and healing thoughts coming your way xxxx

Lobug said...

I'm finally getting to read your blog after you commented on mine! (from Rav blog train) Sorry I took so long. I love your blog! The projects and esp. the st markers are lovely. Do you sell them, by chance?

misfitknits said...
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misfitknits said...

raveler landofmisfitknits here! thank you so much for your suggestion on my blog about the afterthought heel, believe it or not, i've never tried one! i've only just recently begun to throw out patterns and decide *or make it up!* as i knit along! your blog is awesome, i'm loving reading what everyone else is doing, and you have much better knitting luck than I!