Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Socks and FUN FUN FUN today!

Well, I didn't get new socks today, I was editing the photos of a pair of socks I designed for my daughter's friend, Sarah. The socks will be called, "The Rings of Sarah." I've been having such FUN editing them with the present I told you Lonnie surprised me with - Photoshop Elements 6 and it is really FUN FUN FUN! AND I think the socks are just too cute that I have to show ya even though it's pretty close to 3a.m., what can I say, been having fun!
So, what do you think?! Cute, huh?! A closer look at the photo (click on it) and reading the pattern will explain the name. I should have the pattern available tomorrow...I have to edit about 40 more pics of it before I can post the pattern. FYI, I often take 30-50 photos of items that I design because I love to play with Photoshop software (especially this one!) and I like to get good shots of whatever. Anyway, a peep show of the "Rings of Sarah."

I also wanted to let you know that I put an addendum in the Hope Scarf which is simply "Hope Scarf II." This addendum is an addition of 8 sts for those of you who may want your scarf a bit wider....all directions are in the pattern!

Okay, I'm actually off to sleep, I could stay up and play a few hours more, then, well, what would I do tomorrow?!

Good night and God bless!!!

Oh, I knew there was something else I wanted to tell ya'll...Shannon LOVED her new (new to her) car with stereo (which Lonnie put in, of course!) equipped for the iPod we surprised her with for Easter!! Not only that, my goodness, we have a new preacher and he is wonderful, we had an exceptional Easter service, by the time we had communion (at the end of service because of a few changes in the service due to Easter and the reason for communion) I had tears streaming down my face after he spoke very gently of exactly what Christ did for us, then showed clips from a film of our Lord being tortured, etc., leading to the cross and, PRAISE GOD, He arose on the 3rd day, but I was so blessed to see the short clips which were a vivid reminder of all He's done for me...for everyone!! Yes, I am a very blessed person!!!

And again....good night, be looking for the pattern for the socks (and a few other things ).


midgeling said...

Wow, those turned out really cute! I love the colors you used, too.

angelia said...

Those socks are gorgeous, Becka! The colors are so Spring and fun!


hakucho said...

Very cute socks...very colorful :)