Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Almost February Friends!!

Yep, Feb., 2008 is right around the corner! AND -it's a leap year, too! WOW, time really is flying! And, I've not even begun a knitting project this year!
I did finish a few very important ones in Dec! Many of you know that I had never finished my personal A Touch of Whimsy Scarf...well, I did finish it in December, thanks be to God! It was one of those WIPs that ya'll all know I don't like to have, I mean, it was OTN for like a year! This is why I'm a monogamous knitter, rather, prefer to be - I decide on a project, cast on, knit it and I'm done, no waiting for months and months! I digress, I won't get on my monogamous knitting soapbox, I promise, LOL!
Anyway, my few FOs for 2007 are all right here....not that I mind showing them off here! I played a bit in photoshop elements with these last FOs, with this one (although it's not very effective because it's winter) I took out all of the color and then painted the pink in the scarf I gotta say, I was so happy to be done with this scarf...it's NOT EVEN a difficult knit, but it was put on the back burner for everything else that came along, so it wasn't finished for so long. Seems as though the same thing is happening with the socks to match the ensemble...the pattern is written and 1/2 of a sock is knit, but they are put away for other projects. I have a mystery (sorry, all I can say) project going on and I have to do it before the Whimsy socks.

AND, I'm happy to say that I've taken up making stitch and row markers...they are such fun, very addictive! I so know this will lead to making wire jewelry! I've only made a few sets of markers, several to a friend for her birthday and my very 1st st markers to one of my Pay It Forward girl's "pre-gift" - Jacquie.
Like I said, they are such fun to make! I use sterling findings (and closed jump rings so that your yarn doesn't get caught [or so I hope!] in the st. marker) and lovely and unusual (IMHO) beads. I will show you a photo or 2 (can't help myself, LOL!) Sock st markers: freshwater pearls & Swarovski crystals oh, and some faves: these are for larger needles (size 8 or 9, I think): and the row marker: fyi, even though it looks like there are some gold jump rings, they aren't gold, all are sterling silver...I have a new camera that I'm playing with AND I simply need to get "Digital Photography for Dummies," I love the Dummies books - I learned to knit with "Knitting for Dummies!" Great resources!

Now, tell me....what's shaking with all of you?! I've not been online much in the past year and I miss not knowing EVERYTHING!
My goodness, I just found out that Noro makes sock yarn (ordered a skein from LittleKnits last week!).
Oh My, my computer is acting up....again! I'm off to see if I can save this post!

LOL, you so know if I have an edit that it's about a little surprise from my Sweetie, right?! Well, as most of you know, I've been in the house & bed most of the last year, so I'm not aware of new stores we have in town. Well, I was thrilled when Lonnie told me about a new store in town, Ulta. This tells you how much I get out...I had no idea that it was an upscale makeup/haircare/etc dept. store...well, Lonnie went in & checked it out & said I would like to have a look, he was sure. He was correct! We were able to get out last week and I noticed many cosmetics that I was interested in, but, I'm the type person that doesn't buy such things without 1st seeing the items and I'd seen them on TV on HSN, QVC, etc. & was quite curious about a few of these products. I was quite happy to see that they carried Bare Escentuals, as well as many other nice cosmetics. I'd been interested in Bare Mineals for some time and several of the girls on Knitting Help really like it. Anywho, the store was quite busy and crowded, I was able to glance around a bit, but then asked Lonnie if we could leave because my pain was increasing & needless to say, I didn't get anything that night...just the TLC from my hubby as he took me home, etc.... Okay, a few minutes ago he walked in with this kit!! He is AMAZING! Got the beginning kit, in the right color, he so amazes me. AND, as we all know....SPOILS ME ROTTEN!! Speaking of spoiling me rotten, I'll have to see if I can sweet talk him into taking a picture of the gorgeous tattoo that he got me for Christmas! Okay, I'm done, but I HAD to brag about my HONEY-MAN! Gosh, there are so many other things, too, but I'll save the rest of his wonderfulness (a word?!) for later in the year!
Okay, onward & upward & back to the knitting & st. marker making, etc.....

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