Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pay It Forward Exchange Paid Off - BIG!

First of all, allow me to say this, I'm ever so blessed with friends, friends that have given me gifts for no reason at all, just because they are my friends and I'm not going to post the other gifts now, each one deserves its own post, as does each special friend! Ya'll know who you are, please, please forgive me for not having posted already. I'm afraid that on top of everything else years of being on crutches have caught up on me and my hands continue to hurt quite badly. And, I was pleasantly surprised this evening around 8:30 when my pain doc's new P.A. called about a rx request I had called about Friday and they have been so busy that she has just gotten to it and she called me on the weekend to let me know that she was calling it in...ON THE WEEKEND! Needless to say, I'm already happy & impressed with her! These meds are for the increased pain in my hip/leg & ankles due to weather, but will help with the hands, too. So, I ask all of you to please, please pray that God allow my hands to take a turn for the better so that I can knit (which keeps my mind off of the really bad pain in The Leg) and walk (need the hands for crutches & the walker-hard to admit I must use one now & then, took the doc years to talk me into it!) and I promise that I will go to the hand specialist to have them checked out after the 1st of the year.....right now dealing with the ankle therapy & other painful deals are quite enough, thank you! But, I do know that if I need to have it taken care of right away that God will show me in some way! I do so hope I'm not sounding selfish...I just have things in the works that must be finished and then there are my PIF angels! But, I digress...on with the show:

I certainly wasn't expecting it, but my lovely
Pay It Forward sponsor (would that be the correct term, I'm in her group, she is my gift giver), Wendy has already made my gift!!! I received it today and I am absolutely overwhelmed!
Okay, this is what I did, I'm a card reader, I always read the card before I open the gift. Well, needless to say the card began the teary eyes! And I opened the package to find this
G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. scarf! CAN YOU BELIEVE?! I must find out what yarn she used and buy a ton (give or take!), it is so very, very soft! Just look at the flower, it's perfection! In the note she said she made it imagining me wearing it against my neck on cold mornings on the way to church, which is exactly what I thought when I looked at it...oh, it will be ever so soft against my skin! Notice how it tapers at one end, I SO LOVE IT! Wendy, thank you seems insufficient, but ...thank you, thank you, thank you, I dearly love it! OH, and notice her PERFECT sts, absolutely beautiful work!
Thank you, too, Wendy, for allowing me to be in your group which has me in the
Pay It Forward frame of mind for many, many things! Not only that, I've met so many wonderful people and have made such wonderful friends which are, as we know, the greatest gift of all! Thank you, Wendy, for the gift of your friendship!


essjay said...

That scarf is beautiful! I do hope that the pain medication continues to bring you relief and that you are able to knit soon - I know I couldn't keep sane without my knitting! I'll be thinking about you! :hug:

AR said...

Very nice.
Hope you feel great soon. *Hugs, hugs, hugs*

Bajanknitter said...

Hi Becka I am bajanknit from KH and you've been tagged!

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Aknita said...

That's a beautiful scarf.

Living with chronic pain is hard sometimes isn't it :-(

Virtuous said...

Wendy did a great job on your cute scarf! She knitted up my PIF too and I love it!