Friday, June 15, 2007

Short and Not Even Sweet!

Hey Everyone!
Again, my sincere apologies for not getting around to blogging and checking on all! You remember about my ankles from the last post, so I've not done much at all!
Well, today I did go to the ankle/foot specialist since both ankles are badly sprained and you remember lefty looked like it had an alien about to explode from it! Okay, I couldn't see the doc until today and have just gotten home so I will update you very quickly! My ankles are shot! He honestly used those words! My ligaments are gone, used those words, too! This is after he moved my right one around (the lesser of the 2 evils) alot and it was sounding like popcorn! I said, "WHAT IS THAT?!" he said, "I'm trying to dislocate your ankle." Me: "WELL, STOP!!!!!!" Of course, he wasn't going to dislocate it but the popping told him that my ankle had been sprained over and over so many times over the years from the falls because of my hip and my right side being the more dominate weight bearing side that the ligaments were just shot. Then he did the same thing on the left, but not as vigorously because I would have done some serious physical damage to him due to the pain it would have caused! Same situation, ligaments are shot, but not quite as badly as those in the right foot! Needless to say I was getting a little scared and couldn't quite form a sentence yet because the sound of popping corn that was my ankle was still echoing in my head! He went on to say that he would put me in braces.

BRACE YOURSELF, they are pretty!

FYI, yes, my legs are white, but NOT quite that white, the flash didn't help a bit! He then goes on to say that I can begin a physical therapy routine that will strengthen the tendons which will then stabilize my ankles. He said that I couldn't start for a few weeks because of the severity of the sprain (the one with the alien) and I only have to go a couple of times and then do a daily routine at home, see him in 5 weeks. I did NOT have the heart to ask him if I have to wear the lovely braces forever!!! But, I have to look at it this way, it's a good thing that I sprained that left one that badly or I wouldn't have had them checked out and I would have started dislocating my ankles....makes me cringe to think of it, I've dislocated my hip enough to know how badly that would hurt! So, I'm off to bed because I'm in INTENSE pain after he poked and prodded, twisted and pulled and caused the pop pop popping of my ankles that I'll never forget!!! Thank God it can be taken care of without surgeries!!!!!!

I've not taken a photo of the WIP, but hope to have another pattern for men's socks up very soon, I'm knitting some for Lonnie for Father's Day. I had planned on 2 pair, I don't know who I thought was gonna be knitting them!

OH YES, I must show you our latest find!!!! She is now winging her way to our home! Just how gorgeous is that baby?! She will be #9 in my yarn holder obsession collection and she won't be the last!!!

Again, ya'll, please, please, please forgive me for not visiting your blogs! I enjoy it so much, but between the ankles and the hip/leg situation I've not done anything, just a bit of knitting and not much of that, either! I miss you all! Cyber hugs all around!


tiennie said...

Oh wow Becka! Go rest indeedy! Let those ankles heal.

Sandi said...

Oh my friend, you rest and get better! Thank the Lord for doctors, even if they do lack a little bedside manner every now and then! I have been extremely busy and not being very good about keeping up with my blog! So you haven't missed much lately! :-D

I will continue to keep you and your family in your prayers! Lots of Love and Hugs! Sandi said...

Keep fighting - glad to hear you've got the braces.

Anonymous said...

You have the prettiest yarn holders. I love seeing pictures of them.

Oh goodness, Becka! The doctor's visit sounded rough. Glad to hear you can avoid surgery. Pamper yourself or better yet have that wonderful hubby of yours pamper you.

AR said...

*hugs, hugs, hugs*!

Take care of those poor ankles. Don't feel too bad about not visiting the blogs. We understand! :)

hakucho said...

So sorry about your ankle problems. As I was reading I was thinking this girl's going to need surgery. Glad it's not needed :) Braces are a good thing and I'm sure the PT will be helpful. I wear a brace to knit because of a previous problem with (elbow)tendonitis. Awkward, but a God send and I won't knit without it. If it keeps me from having pain - it's worth it. Hope and pray all works out for you!!

Romi said...

Hmmmm. What you need are some gorgeous new ankle brace cozies! ;)

Lots of hugs to you!

Procrastiknitter said...

Wow, rest and hang in there! Hopefully the braces, no matter how attractive (LOL) will help you out!

Sending healing prayers your way!

Michelle said...

Oh my! I don't even know what to say/type. Rest and get better soon.

Kelly said...

Hi Becka! just wanted to let you know that you can't use wool for the preemie hats. They have to be cotton or acrylic. I'm going to print off the sock pattern now, then decide which one to try first.
Take care of yourself.

Thomasean said...

Hi Becka,

I hope your ankles are better now!!!

I found your site looking for a "KNIT ON" dishcloth. Thanks for offering it. How ever when I click to try to get the pattern. the link returns to the page that the cloth is displayed on.

If you are still offering it, may I have one???

Please let me know how to get it.

Thanks again. I know I'll be getting some more of your patterns... Thanks for offering them.

I don't have a blog or web page.
t_britten at sbcglobal dot net.

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words, I hope to do a proper blog post in a day or 2.
I will email Thomasean regarding his question about the pattern. Thomas, and anyone else that may not have seen this on each pattern page, there is a link to the pattern in pdf format in which I state, "Name Of pattern is found here in pdf format." Click on the highlighted word here and it will take you directly to the pattern. I do patterns like this so that pictures of the finished objects or steps in the pattern can be enlarged on the blogger post pages. Sorry for the misunderstanding, Thomasean!
Thanks again, everyone!
hugs to all of you!

KBlicious said...

i am way behind, just wanted to say take care of yourself and i hope you're feeling better very soon!!!!!!

picperfic said...

oooh ouch.....that sound and pain must be awful for you....I do understand, I have a shoulder with swollen and torn tendons in it...the pain keeps me awake. I hope you are pain free soon!