Thursday, June 28, 2007


HEY Knitty People!!!
As many of you know, we are having a 2 month swap at Knitting Help. The 1st month we exchange yarn and the 2nd month we exchange knitted items and/or knitty accessories of all types (ya'll know how much I LOVE all things knitworthy!).
Well, yesterday my 1st package arrived and I have to say it...I HAVE THE BEST PAL!!!! He/she is spoiling me like I canNOT believe! I am overwhelmed by her/his generosity!
Okay, okay, let me tell you what happened...ya'll know I'm laid up because of the bum hip/leg AND the monster ankles, right?! Well, Lonnie came home yesterday afternoon to check on me (so sweet, I know) and he came walking down the hall telling me, "Honey, I opened it, I thought it was your yarn holder but it's got candy and a lot of stuff in it!!!" (fyi, my latest yarn holder was sent registered mail and the postal worker left a note for me to sign so it can be redelivered, which we thought was going to be yesterday). I said, "Oh, it's from my Pal!!! Will ya bring it to me?!" etc, etc. I asked him to put the YUMMY Lindt Lindor Truffles in the fridge because it was hot (fyi, not too many of those left!) and please bring the box. Well, I laid in bed patiently chatting with my oh, so sweet husband, trying not to be rude and rip the packages inside open! Then after a few minutes of chatting I said, "Honey, I've got to see what's in the box!!!!" He laughed and said okay and headed back to work...he so knows I am like a kid and can't wait to see my prezzies!!! Well, I am so touched by the thoughtfulness that went into each and every selection....and I mean a lot of things!!! But, it's so obvious that my pal put a great deal of thought into everything, which touches me more than I can explain! Here I am, honestly, having had a few "poor me" days because I'm tired of hurting and my Pal certainly got rid of the blues, this I can assure you!!!
Check it out.... EVERYTHING (except the the fridge!) So many wonderful surprises! A sweet card, this beautiful candle with my name on it that is now sitting among my yarn holders in it's proper place of distinction! And the yarn, the glorious, glorious yarn!!!! Fleece Artist Seawool, I had so been wanting some of pal knows me so well! Don't you agree?! Check this out, more yarn I wanted, Crystal Palace Panda Cotton!!! And as if that weren't enough, some of the SWTC yarns I wanted to try Rock and Craft, and Inspiration which I didn't even know was out!! I've said it before, I say it again...THANK YOU MANY TIMES OVER, PAL!!!

I'm busy knitting along for my pal for Part 2 of the swap, I've already knit for her kitchen and bath and am now knitting Ribs and Lace from the spring IK, it's a fun knit, I so hope she likes it and that it fits! If I have time when I've knit it I hope to find something else she might like to knit and then a knitty goody or 2!

I will finally be able to begin physical therapy next week for my ankles, next Thurs., so wish me luck!

I wish all of you a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!!


roxtarchic said...

what WONDERFUL wonderful goodies!!! well deserved too.. i'm glad those gorgeous gifts cheered you up (your pal did a great job)

oh yeah & also just wanted to tell ya.. we're having a BOY! heheh....

Romi said...

Wow! What a haul! :g:


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a nice exchange pal you have. Sounds like you're preparing quite a package for your giftee.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July. We're praying for no rain this weekend so we go to a celebration tomorrow.

hakucho said...

You are a lucky girl!!

happy knitting :)

tiennie said...

Hooray! Enjoy your gifts!

Carolyn said...

Hey Little Sis! You enjoy your surprises - you deserve it! And if I know you (and I do) your pal will equally as excited with his/her goodies!

AR said...

Wowee! Nice!

Hope you have a nice, safe 4th, too!