Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What Can I Say?!

You guys get tired of me posting about Lonnie and the things he does for me?! Tell me, tell me true....LOL, I really don't care, as I've said before, I've just got to tell ya what he's done now! These surprises are just wonderful and so sweet. Yesterday I heard the mailman and looked outside to find Lace Style, well, it was in a package, LOL! He had seen me looking through it when we were in a yarn shop during our recent getaway! He ordered it from Amazon not too long after we got home and told me about it a couple of days ago so that I could be looking for the mailman, but a surprise is a surprise any way you look at it! What can I say...he so ROCKS! But, as I've said, in so many ways, I couldn't have built a husband any better than him had I given God the specs! Then, I discovered that he had bid on another vintage yarn holder! Isn't it lovely?! We didn't win that one, but let me tell you what happened, we were on the phone together as the auction was ending and literally, in the last 2-3 seconds we were outbid! We then saw another and won it in the last few minutes and it is GORGEOUS! Don't you think?! I'm pretty positive that this one is bakelite, too!

I've been experimenting with "Knitters Galleries" and I would love for you to tell me the one that you like. I said in the previous post that I was going to try SmugMug, but it didn't give me the capability to link back to the knitter and that's a must.

Here are the Galleries that I would like you to look over:
#1. This is the one that I have always had, I am not happy with it because it's not neatly arranged and too chatty...your thoughts, please.
#2. I made this one last night. Click on the photo and you are taken to the knitter's blog (or enlargement of photo if he/she doesn't have a blog). BUT, I wasn't happy with the blog heading and sidebar being around the gallery, my reason for the gallery is to showcase other knitters work when they have been so kind as to have chosen to knit one of my designs, so I don't thing it should be in my blog...MHO, lol!
#3. I also made this one last night, it links to WK Designs, but isn't a part of the actual blog. So, what do you think of the newest gallery? It's currently in the sidebar and is my favorite.
Your thoghts on these galleries, please. I would really appreciate your honest opinion.

I'm afraid that I missed Easter services because the temp dropped drastically, which isn't the best of things when you have a steel rod in your leg and hip! The girls weren't there, either, Shan wasn't feeling well and her 1/2 sister was not yet in town, so they will be getting their (pre-wrapped) baskets later this week. I hate to miss church service, but I really hate Easter service! I got an email from our pastor saying we had many, many more people this year than last, praise God!
Do you see how many kal's I've joined?! What's ya think I've lost my mind completely?! The only ones I'm really able to participate in currently are the "Manly kal" and the "Sock A Month kal" right now because I'm socknitting for Lonnie, which is too fun! Hmmmm, I wonder if he would like some really lacy ones?! Cause I am ready to do some lace knitting, my friends!
Oh, check it out..Shannon's Lace Socks in her Easter basket, I love that picture!

Ahhhh....knitting, I'm working on a a new design for men's socks. I've not really been in a knitting mood of late, so they are not even close to complete, hopefully next week. These will take a while because the legs are going to be pretty long.

OMGoodness, almost forgot! Thanks very much to the members of Bloggers Paradise for finally explaining the wip trackers (that I have in the sidebar) so clearly that I was finally able to install this type....I tried several times since I began blogging last year and couldn't figure it out...these girls are the ones to go to if you want this type of tracker!


Romi said...

Very cool! I've been lusting after "Lace Style" - you'll have to post about it after you've given it the once-over. *g*

bethc said...

I like #3, nice and clean looking.

Linda said...

You've done a fabulous gallery job, whichever one I look at, though it was nice, on the last one, to click on a picture and have more info come up. I do love the first, chatty one, because...I like listening to the ongoing reflections that that format provides. Your blog is a pleasure to read.

Renee said...

I vote for #3.

tiennie said...

You really are spoiled aren't you? ;) Glad your guy loves doing these things for you!

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

Thanks, ya'll! I decided to keep #3 and #1 (the chatty one) and it is labeled so in the sidebar. This chatty gallery also gives me the chance to really keep a record of the knitters, too, so it's really for me and, some voters have said that they like this one, too!
LOL, guys, I will hold my head very high as I say, "YES! I'm spoiled and proud of it!" LOL, I hae the best husband in the world, but his spoiling me is only a very small reason for that (don't get me wrong, it is a feature that really endears me to him, LOL!).

hakucho said...

Wow, that vintage yarn holder was quite the find...I didn't even know such things existed!

I'm glad you decided to keep both galleries. Each is nice in it's own way. I think it's nice to see what everyone has done with your patterns!
I know I appreciate it.

happy knitting :)

AR said...

I love those yarn holders! Lucky you! Nice baskets, too. I bet the socks will be well loved.

Rita Martinez said...

Becka!!! thank you so much for the comment, and yes! He is absolutely wonderful! :D I've been through some pretty amazing/good and bad things lately, but not a day goes by that I don't thank our dear Lord for saving me and all of us! :D
I've missed ya friend!! how's everything?? Whats new these days??
About the yarn holders, the one you won is way prettier than the first one, the little flowers on top give it such a nice detail :D

Talk to you later friend and God Bless!!

Rita M.

Rita Martinez said...

oh and you can talk about your husband anytime you want its your blog! and I agree he truly is a blessing!! :D God bless ya both!! :D