Sunday, April 01, 2007

St Augustine Surprise!!

We love St Augustine, FL, we've been taking short trips there for years and the town's charm never grows old! That said, my sweet husband called me Wed. afternoon to ask if I had any plans over the next few days and when I said "no" he asked if I'd like to go away for a few days....YEAH!!!! So, we decided on St. Augustine, we had not been in a few years and it was just fun....the weather was lovely, my husband was well, what can I say...FABULOUS and we just had a good time spending time together and looking at sites we'd seen over and over, but they are still beautiful, especially when you are with the one you love...too sweet, sickening sweet?!...too bad, the truth is the truth!
Of course, Sally went with us! Since our children no longer live with us we must have a "child" to keep us company, this one happens to have 4 short legs. She spent her 1st day in doggie daycare...can you believe, we have become one of "those" people! Well, we didn't want to leave her alone in the hotel room (we normally get a suite and she has a room to stay with a closing door and then there is the actual room door...double safety, we weren't able to get a suite this visit) so Lonnie went on the doggie daycare search and he found a cool one...the dogs have a dog bone shaped pool! needless to say, it was quite a facility! She still did NOT enjoy herself .... rather, she didn't enjoy Lonnie after we picked her up, she literally would not look at him, would not give him any type of attention...she was mad...she was giving him "the Business" as the Beave and Wally used to say (I watched that show [Leave it to Beaver] in rerun, fyi!) and quite a bit of it. She took a nap and all was well with her and Lonnie after the nap, still...doggie daycare-quite an adventure on my part, anyway!
Okay, how cute are these: We love these guys! We would have gotten the Super Weiner had the lady "running" the place not been so busy "flirting" with someone to give us the time of day, so we will order it online!
And, of course, we stopped at yarn shops. I was looking for sock yarn for My Man (I really do stink at the code names, don't I?!). I wanted bamboo or the new SWTC TOFUtsies. We couldn't find bamboo sock yarn, but did find these babies... one for my next 'men's sock' design and one for me!! I can't wait this yarn feels yummilicious!
On a sad note, my very favorite lys is moving...I got the email today. She is relocating to Long Island. I will miss her so much, she is WONDERFUL! She taught me how to write a pattern, she was the test knitter for my Loopy Socks before they were published by KnitPicks, she is just a wonderful person. She loves Lonnie so much! She has told me so very many times that he is one of a kind, that she's never seen other knitters' husbands shopping for their wives in her yarn shop like he does for sweet is she?! And him, too, of course! I will miss her so much. BUT....she is also having a big sale and Lonnie is off tomorrow, so we will be there when the doors open, see if she happens to have anything that I might need........


tiennie said...

What a great surprise! Sounds like a good time.

KBlicious said...

so i lived here 15 years and have never made it to st. augustine! heard nothing but wonderful things, though, glad you so enjoyed your trip! at my LYS, i have taken my desired ball of tofutsies and hid it behind and under all the other colorways (last one left of 'Under Foot', what can I say?) Could I just ask the owner/my good friend to hold it for me? certainly could, but i feel this way i am inviting destiny to intervene. ;-) looking forward to seeing what you do with it!!!

roxtarchic said...

superweiner is HYSTERICAL... and yeah... we MOVED hehe... we bought a house in upper westchester (about an hour from queens i'm in denial about that btw... keep saying "it's not that far") but yeah.. our first home (which explains my lack of knitting content these days)! next on the list is getting me knocked up! hahah ;)

so glad you're back btw!

Sharon said...

Your man sounds so wonderful and when I read on further and read about the LYS shopping he is a one of a kind, lucky you!

So sad about your LYS and the owner sounds the best who is obviously passionate about knitting and encouraging others to be the same.

I can't get over the doggy day care WOW! There is nothing like that here in Australia I am sure.

Anonymous said...

We stayed in St. Augustine for one night on our way to Orlando a few years ago. It was gorgeous there! I'd love to go again and stay a bit longer.

Too bad Sally didn't like the doggie hotel. That pool is too cute.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, I love St. Augustine, too (I got married there)! We go a few times a year.

Sorry your LYS is closing, but maybe Your Man can find some good deals during the sale!

Sandra said...

That sounds like so much fun! I hope that you enjoyed the yarn sale. If you need any help I will hold your yarn for you. ;)

Hugs to you!

Sarah said...

glad you found get-stitchy! hope you have a chance to check it out more thoroughly. I love that blossom cloth and I think I'll do one of those this month, too! :) welcome!

Anonymous said...

My name is Mandy and I work for Direction Press. Part of my job is to search blogs to find new & closed yarn shops & needlepoint shops. That is because we have a website, where we keep an up-to-date list of yarn and needlepoint shops in the US. We also publish the Knitters' Needlepointers'Crocheters' Weavers' & Spinners' Travel Guide book.

I am contacting you because you mentioned that a yarn store is closing in your entry. I was wondering if you could please provide me with a little more information regarding the store to confirm whether they are closing or not. Thank you for your time and


Anonymous said...

Valerie Hoffman Florida Valerie Hoffman Maine

Does anyone know of a knitting store in St Augustine?
We are donating some items to our Save the Seals program and want to learn some new ideas. Love to knit!