Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Patterns!

Hey Ya'll!! Hope everyone is having a great March! I know I am...YIPPEE, that's good to say after the last few months around here!

I'm still working on this blog, sorry I've not yet gotten the blog roll up and haven't been cruising blogs because I had to get Lonnie's latest socks designed and knit and as you can see, they are long men's socks, so they took a while! You can find the pattern link on the sidebar, they were a fun knit, that's for sure! Oh yeah, let me tell you the reason for the see the day that I finished the socks his latest guitar arrived so the name just came together...they are for my man and he is a guitar playing man....Guitar Man Socks just seemed natural!

Then there are the others that I have actually had done for a while but had not written the pattern or sewn the bells on. Sorry they took so long, I had to write the patterns and then watermark the photos (you can read about the reason for that on WK Designs. Anyway, here we have the Flapper Socks (pattern link on sidebar)... and the Holiday Flappers... I actually made these for my Christmas socks but I was feeling so badly that I didn't have the bells on them and didn't even wear them so they are all ready for next Christmas. But, you know...I see Flapper Socks for any holiday! Green or green and white Flappers for St Patrick's Day with beads or bells on them. Pink or red or pink and red Flappers for Valentines Day with hearts sewn on...use your imagination! I must say, these were really fun to knit and are sure not the usual sock pattern!

I had wanted to finally knit the socks for the "A Touch of Whimsy" ensemble but Lonnie is ready for another pair of socks (lol, I'm telling ya, until he has a pair for every day he won't be satisfied and I'm working on it, but regular men's socks take a long time because they require about 150 gr of sock yarn!) so I told him that I will now knit him another pair put they will be shorter one's like his "Lonnie's Sport Socks" and the PGR Dream Socks that I 1st knit for him and then I will (I hope) knit one of the "A Touch of Whimsy" sock designs that I have written (I have another 2 on the drawing board that may come to fruition, too!), I've not forgotten about those of you looking forward to the Whimsy socks, but I gotta take care of My Man 1st and foremost, don't you agree?!


Anonymous said...

Oh,those flapper socks are so cute! And yes, Lonnie must get his socks first, as he is so good to you! :-)

AR said...

I love those flapper socks! Cute idea!

Of course your MM needs his socks, spoiling you is probably lots of work. hehe

Pink Dandelion said...

I haven't been in blogland much either...

Great socks! Can't wait to see the patterns up :-)

Sean said...

LOVE the guitar man socks! i can't get the pattern link to work... flappers are too precious!!!!