Thursday, February 15, 2007

Missing You!

First of all, for a smile, I present..... in all her glory, headed to the knitting shop.

The title says it all...I miss you all! I miss posting here and I really miss reading your blogs and keeping up with the goings on of my internet pals. But, PRAISE GOD, I've been feeling a bit better day by day in the past couple of weeks and this is GREAT! Lots better than feeling worse or making no progress at all. I return to the doc on the 20th and am pretty sure that he will tell me what he usually does when these things happen...slowly increase activity. So....I may then be posting a bit more and more importantly, checking on the rest of you to see what's going on!
I have 3 new patterns, one knit, one being knit and another that must be knit...I will reveal them all after both blogs and the changes that I'm making in patterns are all updated. Sorry, but this will take some time and, again, I can't sit for long periods of time at the computer. It is exciting to know that we hope to be getting a laptop in a month or 2 and that will speed things up considerably!!
Okay, since I hate to create a post without pics I will show you my latest goodie that arrived in the mail the bag of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk that I told you about in the previous and post.
My Man called me Sat. when he was out running errands with his Mom to tell me that he had a surprise for me, but that he wasn't going to show it to me because it wasn't Valentine's Day and then he laughed because he knows that drives me CRAZY! Well, I heard them come in and when I finally made it to the kitchen I saw THESE (mine are pearl and pink, I will have a photo next post, I promise) sitting on the table! And all of you who know me know that I LOVE Crocs and I love the Mouse! He and his mom went out to run errands again later in the afternoon (she lives with us on the weekend and Lonnie takes her out a few times so because she doesn't get an opportunity to get out during the week....I'm telling you, he's the Best MAN in the world, not only the Best Husband in the World!) and by the time I made it into the kitchen from the bed I then saw THESE (mine are sea blue, again, I'll have photos next post...sorry.) on the table....simply because, as I've said before, I have the greatest husband in the and he knew that I didn't have that color and that Crocs and Birks are the only shoes that I can wear because they help my hip and leg and, well...mostly because he is WONDERFUL, don't you agree?!
Oh, almost forgot to tell you, I will be changing this blog around to match the WKDesigns blog and have a less cluttered look for 2007. I've completely switched to Blogger Beta on the design blog and I'm loving it...I've not yet done it to this one, too time consuming to be done now, but I think that it will be a nice change for the year.
all for understanding my absence and most especially for your prayers and well wishes!
Sally , Moshi , and Remi wish you all a month of Happy Knitting!
God Bless!


Amber said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better -- hope you're up and around soon!

How sweet of Lonnie to surprise you with those gifts. The Crocs are cool!

del said...

What wonderful gifts! (can Lonnie come over & give my DH some advice???) Glad you're feeling better & the new blog design looks great!

Mama Bear said...

So good to hear there is some improvement! It's great to see you posting and the yarn and crocs look great.

AR said...

It's so good to hear that you're feeling better! Nice gifts. I've been thinking about the endeavors, they look comfy. I love my Crocs. Yay!

Sharon G. said...

It's great to read that you're doing better - yay! I miss you, too!!!

I heart my crocs - that Lonnie is a good, good man. :)