Monday, February 05, 2007

I've Switched!

So, this is my 1st post since I switched to BloggerBeta and so far so good! I heard that there were several kinks during the testing stage when a few brave bloggers were trying it out, but I'm hearing rave reviews let's go for a ride and see how she does!

I've written another sock pattern, but I'm afraid that it won't be available for a little while, sorry. I'm reformatting my design blog and all of my patterns will be changed a bit... I'm going strictly pdf after hearing (from a yarn shop owner that emailed me offering to stike a deal for my patterns) that there are a few unscrupulous shop owners in the world who see free designs online and simply copy and paste them, put the patterns on a nice cardstock, add the photo (also copied) and put the pattern in a nice plastic page cover and sell them in his/her shop for $4-6 and say that he/she designed said pattern! CAN YOU BELIEVE?! So, the revamping is in the making, I'm afraid that my hip and leg still won't allow me to sit at the computer for long periods of time to get it done. So, I look at it this way, if anyone had wanted to steal any of my designs, it's been done. But I'm not going to give them the opportunity to steal any of the new ones and I must apologize to you, because ya'll are the ones who have to wait on the new designs. FYI, I never heard back from this person after I emailed her with my thoughts (she was offering me a few cents per sale and I suggested another, you know me better than that, I didn't say anything ugly, so don't think that!).

I can think of 5 or 6 sock patterns off of the top of my head that are on the drawing board besides the one that I just finished, so, here's hoping 2007 will be a great Knitty Kinda Year !
I am currently working on Lonnie's My Man's Valentine's Day socks, I think this will be a nice pattern for a man's sock, not an altogether boring knit like a lot of the socks for men are! I'm using the blue-gray Meilenweit sock yarn that I got for Christmas, a nice manly color. Well, it's a good thing I know Allison at Simply Socks because I wasn't thinking when we ordered the yarn and only got 2 skeins and to knit a pair of socks with some length on the leg for a man you really need between 125-150 grams of sock yarn...well, Allison was nice enough to look and hold on to one in the dye lot and send it to me, so I will have it by the time I run out of yarn, otherwise My Man would have had another pair of sporty socks! Thanks, Allison!!!

Health update:
My leg, PRAISE GOD, has finally begun to feel better in the past couple of days and that is very exciting around here! I'm still on bedrest, but it and everything the doctor is doing is helping and I squeeked by hospital admission again...YIPPEE!
Several of my friends on KH have suggested that I get a laptop, which was a good idea. But, at the time of year, with Christmas, a vacation, my health (high medical bills) and a daughter who had had her car stolen and moved into her 1st house, etc. a laptop wasn't a priority. But, I'm happy to say that we will hopefully have one in a few months. This will be very beneficial to me at all times, anyway, because sitting for long periods of time makes the pain in my hip/leg increase on a good day.

OH, OH!!! I've gotten more goodies to show you!
My dear friend Amy (she gave me the very cool vintage wool holder in previous post) has now gotten me hooked on vintage knitting things (well, the cool things, LOL!). Not only that, she is a GREAT friend and knows that I've been feeling quite badly and she sent me this extremely cool vintage bakelite knitting needle gauge in a very funny get well card. How cool is that?! my dear friend!
And Lonnie has been being Lonnie and came home from the flea market with something that I had been wanting is SO COOL I had wanted a head for photoing hats that I knit, but I never dreamed that it would be one that was just so spectacular!
She's really very heavy, too and I have a few ideas to do with it...we will see in future pics, I hope! And, of course, he began bidding on this vintage beehive bakelite wool holder when he saw that I was watching it on Ebay! The bottom has a needle gauge! This one is rather small, great for socknitting. Well, since I knit socks in tandem I wanted another small one and yes, he bid and won another one that he saw I was watching, too, it's not yet arrived, but here's a picture, . I must say, it looks like being laid up pays off, doesn't it?! I must say, it does make you feel better to get a surprise from loved ones!
Almost forgot...I got a bunch of things from KnitPicks from my yarn sales on KnittingHelp, too! Oh yeah...I love the needles, that chart keeper rocks and I finally got the row counter I've been wanting and I must rocks having the ability to track 3 sets of numbers on 1 counter!!!!

LOL, I've been laid up, yes, but I have read here and there about the Year of the Stash (everyone promising to knit only from their existing yarn, etc)...HOGWASH! I don't even speak that language! "2007 Add to the Stash" sounds much better to me, for example, this bag of Debbie Bliss dk Alpaca Silk is winging it's way to my house as I type. Yes, I think that I will now and forever (thanks to my loving husband ) be known as The Spoiled Knitter and I will wear my proudly!


AR said...

Ooh! Great stuff. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. :)

Sorry about your daughter's car, though. :(

Nora said...

Same here - glad you're getting there!

BTW: PDF isn't entirely safe as you're still able to copy and paste (or scan) into another program.

Whimsical Knitting said...

Thanks everyone! It does feel good to actually feel like I'm not donna die, LOL!!!
Duh, that's very true, I'd forgotten, it's the changing that you can't do with pdf...thanks, nora! Ya know, I figure if people are that desperate as feel as if they have to steal things that we enjoy offering for free...well, what goes around comes around....

Mama Bear said...

It's great to see you are feeling some better! Praying the improvements continue.

Ohhh... Little knits is dangerous! I just received my order from her sale. It might have been cheaper to get a laptop! Ok.. not really, but I sure wouldn't qualify for year of the stash!

Bummer about the daughter's car!

Aren't vintage knitting items great? Oh.. .and I love the glass head!

Candace said...

Hi Becca! So glad to see you! And I am so glad you feel better! WOOHOO!

Holly said...

I love the hat model! I will have to look at the flea market I work at on the weekends and see if I can find one.

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! Keep resting and tell Lonnie to keep on with the yarn pron! ;)

mrs desertrain said...

here's hoping your hip/leg is on the mend!

i see we use the same blog design, too!!! obviously, we have great taste. :)

Candace said...

Happy Valentine's Day Becca!

(((Big Hugs)))