Friday, November 10, 2006

Lacevember 3rd Contest

Hey, I had to hop in and participate with this even though I'm on bedrest and have very, very limited time in which I am allowed to be up! All this tells ya that I am loving Lacevember and that I'm very hard-headed, isn't it?! I promise you that I'm not staying up longer than I should in doing this!

Here we go.........

Lacevember 3rd Contest
(I so hope I win this...I'm in PAIN..I really need a perk...really)

What are your ideal lace making conditions?
Well, I originally began knitting a bit over 2 years ago hoping that this activity would help me keep my mind off of the pain that I experience as a result of my disability...little did I know that I was going to fall in love with knitting and it's therapeutic qualities (it does help me keep my mind off of my pain!). All that said to say this, I do the majority of my knitting in bed, whether it's as it is now, doc has put me on bedrest, or during my normal days in which I have to spend some time in bed because I can't physically stay up for long periods. ideal lace making conditions are in bed...with my pillows (very nice, soft pillows!) propped up so that I can lie back on them and knit away. I have a nice bottle of Nestea diet peach flavored gree tea (this is yummy...give it a try!) at my side. Then I have my 24/7 companion, a girl's best buddy, Sally in bed with me, often joined by our bud, Moshi! And, I cannot forget the latest edition to the family, Remmy who serenades us. You will also find remotes at the ready so that we can watch movies and listen to music when the mood strikes us...never know exactly what we (me and my knitting entourage) want to watch/listen to while knitting .
Happy Knitting and God Bless!

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AR said...

Remmy is so cute!