Saturday, October 14, 2006

National Knitting Week in the UK...let's make it International!

I stumbled across a post about National Knitting Week on the forum at Knitter's Review. I immediately became curious because, well, I love knitting and will do most anything to support it.
I found out that National Knitting Week (Oct 14-21) is a UK based event. I happened upon a mention of this week at Patternworks and Michaels is having a yarn event during this same week, but are not calling it our "National Knitting Week."

I say NO, NO, NO!!! Knitters must unite INTERNATIONALLY and celebrate knitting!

That said, I am going to see if I have any luck getting the International Knitting Week going. I posted about this same idea over at my home away from home, Knitting Help and one of my friends said that we are always sharing the knitting love, and this is so true, so very true, but, I think that during the week of Oct 14-21 that we should make an extra effort to do so. There are quite a few ideas on the UK National Knitting site. I thought of a few, too, here goes:
1. charity knitting
2. teach someone to knit
3. share a free pattern
4. knit in public and share your love of knitting
5. give away some knitty goodness on your blog
6. surprise someone with something that you knit for him/her for no particular reason
7. surprise a knitter friend with knitty delights (yarn, notions, needles, etc.)
8. host a knitting party
9. start a local stitch and knit
What ideas do you have?! Please share, I'll update the post with any and all ideas that you have.

In the spirit of International Knitting Week I am going to set Rusted Root aside on Monday morning and begin (I hope) designing and knitting a matching hat for A Touch of Whimsy scarf that will be offered here along with my other patterns. Now, all of you who know me know that I am a monogamous knitter (other than the travel socks that I always have with me to knit whenever, wherever I have to wait when I'm out) and that it goes against every fiber in my being to have multiple project on the needles. So, you know that I am doing this out of the great love that I have for knitting and knitters!
If you remember from my previous post, I just happened to have gotten 4 hanks of Malabrigo yumminess a few days ago that was purchased for just this design. But, I wasn't going to begin until after I finished Rusted Root and perhaps a shawl or 2. No longer! After I finish this post I will wind these splendid hanks into luscious cakes of yarn that will be at the ready Monday morning. Ohhhh, I hope to do fingerless gloves to go with, too! I don't know if I will have the patterns for both the hat and gloves during this week, but I can certainly give it a try!
Tell us all, what are doing for International Knitting Week?!


carole said...

I stumbled on your blog because fo the Dishcloth fun KAL and have to comment. It's wonderful. Thank you! This week, I'm putting aside all works OTN and starting (well I did late last night) a ballet sweater for DD. It HAS to be finished by Sat. which for me is going to be a real feat (Work FT away from home, have 3 kids ages 6 and under a my DH is another big kid LOL) So send some good knitting vibes my way.

knitfriendly said...

Hummm....that's a good question. I started a SNB in July that meets weekly and I just finished knitting gifts for three different recipients. I guess I will just keep doing what I'm doing and let everyone in my group know about this special week. Thanks for letting me know about it! ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I'm going to do this week to celebrate. For me, it's enough celebration that I even have the time to knit, I think, LOL.

Oh, you asked where we're moving down south. I'm already in Florida, but we're thinking of moving to Tampa/St. Pete. *sigh*

sara_jayne said...

I can't wait until you have the hat pattern done! I have 3 hanks of DELICIOUS Mmmmmmalabrigo just WAITING to knit the hat and scarf just for ME!! So hop to Becca! (Just kidding!!! *hugs*)

roxtarchic said...

hmmm... i'd love to teach another person to knit (there's a girl on the train maybe i'll run into her in the am)... and i cant give anything away on my blog... since you're like the only one who reads it (altho i COULD give some of my stagnate yarn to the last person i taught hmmmm)... i was stallin on the scarf i started for my mom (back in action on that) AND my sister just showed me on sat that she actually WEARS the scarf that i made her (she pulled it outta her bag and wrapped it around her long graceful swan neck that i was like AWWWW i made that for that gorgeous girl and she's ACTUALLY WEARING IT)... hehehe

so i'll try and finish my mom's scarf (even tho she's not gettin it till xmas)


Mary said...

Yes, I love the idea of international knitting week! And what have I been doing for it? Well, I've been involved with some charity knitting and am also giving away some yarn on my blog for a contest (now closed). The specific post about it can be found here:

Yay Knitting!

Lisa L said...

I'm going to teach my sister-in-law to knit toe-up socks on Saturday! She has never knit socks - I am sure I am going to start an addiction!

Marce said...
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Marce said...

Fantastic idea!!
I think the Touch of Whimsy set will be a HUGE hit, whenever you complete it ;)

AR said...

I taught someone to knit! Socks! I'm knitting her a panta, too. We both went KIPing this weekend, and now her mom wants to learn. Yay, Knitters!!

Mama Bear said...

You are living dangerously! ;)

This week we are going to learn to spin! Not knitting, but it leads to more knitting. I'm also going to try and finish one of the free patterns. I have actually finished 3 of those WIP's I had going this week! Now if I could just find time to take photos and update my blog!

Nora (Black Dog Knits) said...

I'd love to teach my boyfriend to knit - just so he can help me finish the countless WIPs I have going...