Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tom Petty Wednesday

Why, you might ask is today "Tom Petty" Wednesday...simple, I love Tom Petty, Tom rocks..."Refugee!" I'm listening to Tom right now on our new Bose 3 companion speakers....YEAH, BABY!!!!! We used to have a kick butt entertainment center, I'm talking big time surround sound, many components....the works. Face it, Lonnie's a musician and music is his thing, this being can just imagine the stereo system we had. Yeah, that's what I said, had...we have downsized many things in our life, big stereo in the living room being one of them. "Running Down the Dream" I'm happy to say that this little Bose system on the computer does rival the big system a little bit and we can listen to LOUD music again (without huge speakers...yeah, baby!)...and that's what I'm doing....listening to Tom Petty....VERY LOUDLY....."Into the Great Wide Open."

As you can see, Moshi loves the Bose box more than the actual system. "It's Good To Be King"

Rose update.....Rose blocks as I type. Well, not all of Rose...Rose is armless right now (OUCH!)....the correct term would be sleeveless...."Last Dance with MaryJane." I hope to finish her sleeves today, then put them on Rose so that she will no longer be armless...uhhhmmm....sleeveless, my bad (yes, I still use terminology that has been ingrained in my psyche from having teenagers and working with them for so long in youth group). My sister saw Rose's photos and loved her, but is concerned that Rose may not fit. Well, if she doesn't no biggie, I'll make another, not a problem. Rose is, by the way, my 1st adult garment. I'm a socknitter, very favorite thing is designing and knitting's a good is what it is.
(sorry about the photo quality, Rose is pinned to the bed, so I couldn't take her outdoors for a proper photo)
......."Free Falling"....
I should complete Rose and have plenty of time to train for the Knitting World Cup. I've got all of the yarn for Allysa's Summer Ensemble, well, almost...the yarn for 2 tops is on the way via USPS. I hope to get 3 tops and the Swing Coat done for her during the Cup. My "team" consists of 2 tops and the Swing Coat...I am free to add an extra teammate. I spoke with Amy last night, and I was correct in choosing size 4T...Allysa is a tall one, much like her gramps, my hunny buns, Lonnie. I want to look into getting some labels made that will state, "Handknit for you by Honey"...I can't have that 'grandma' deal.
Chef Knitterie will be in later in the week with some info on what he will be serving during the Knitting World Cup.
Becka out.........

She grew up in an Indiana town, had a good-lookin' mama who never was around....but she grew up tall and she grew up right with them Indiana boys on an Indiana night."


Knit/Pickin' with Ellen Edwards said...

OO!! Lookie--I didn't know you had a kitty cay=t, becka!! He's (She)is so sweet--so white. Scraps is a gray striped monster--(I love him, of course) . A mother just has to admit these things about her kittens though!!

Rose/ahem, tankie, is beautiful!! I hope your sis loves it--she should!

I haven't knitted an adult garment quite yet either. I have to seam up the other side of the shrug I knitted and then I'll have completed one, thank heavens!!

Wasn't Tom in the Traveling Wilbury's with Orbison, Harrison, and Jeff whatishisname?? I LOVED that group!!FUNKY!!

Mully Nex said...

TOM PETTY! /swoon I *LOVE* Tom Petty! Man, reading your blog now.. I have to go dig out my Tom Petty CD's!