Thursday, June 08, 2006


OMGoodness, indeed!!!! What a blogging day! Here's what happened...I had been googling about in search of percentage bars so that I could put them on here to keep track of my World Cup knitting. FYI, found these, as seen in the sidebar.
Anyway...earlier today I was putting them in the sidebar when what happens?! BLOGGER GOES DOWN....AGAIN. In the midst of my putting these in....some how my entire blog fritzed!!!! When I saw it was all black....yep...everything except the posts had disappeared...thank God my posts remained. I know that I'm not leaving pearls of wisdom here, but since I started the blog...I want to keep track of the nonsense that I've said, know what I mean?
I will say that I learned a very valuable lesson...back up your code...DUH!!

OK, enough about the blog woes, all is well now. I finished Soleil for my sister this evening...woulda been done way sooner had not the blogger woes happened! I know...Soleil was supposed to be Rose as I stated in earlier posts. I did who knows what to the sleeves and they were a bit too big and I didn't really want to knit them again nor squeeze them into the armholes. So, I crocheted around the sleeves and the neck and she's blocking away. Ever since my sister said she hoped it fit I've been concerned that it may not...if not...I'll make her another...this one with the sleeves of Rose.
Oh yeah...I crocheted for the 1st time ever was fun! And I always thought that crochet hooks were just for picking up dropped sts..LOL!

On to the Knitting World Cup news......... Another part of our team arrived today...Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a bright pink...this will soon be one of the tanks for Allysa. Thus far our team consists of Kidlet Tank, Girlfriend Swing Jacket Sweater, Short Snort GF Tank, Mission Tank and/or Cotton Candy Tank. I think that we have a good team assembled and we are now ready for tomorrow's kickoff......
I wonder what the Chef has cookin'...........

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sara_jayne said...

Sorry to hear about your woes but it looks like you recovered nicely!