Friday, June 16, 2006

Moebius HORROR!!

Je ne peux pas croire que je n'ai pas noté ce sept rangées en arrière, je me sens stupide!
Oh my...who knew I remembered high school French?! Anyway...I can't believe I didn't notice this several rows back, I feel stupid! Okay, actually, it isn't horrible..worse things have, and do happen. BUT, for me on this day, I consider it horrible. Why?! Because I was ready to relax and knit mindlessly for a while, I've been hurting, had to go to the doc, etc...I was ready for the soothing sounds of tinkling addis as I created loop upon loop along the knitting journey of the Summer Swing Top. Sounds nice, huh?!
Well...the term mindless in knitting doesn't really mean totally mindless as I soon found out! I inadvertently created a moebius...not the great mathematician, August Ferdinand Möbius...but, that which he discovered....much like the scarf seen in the photo: This is a very cool scarf if that was your intention...not so cool when you are creating a cute swingy/twirly top for a little girl....especially when you had to cast on 256 stitches to begin with and have completed several rows before seeing it!!!
I feel much better having had a bit of a rant.
I will now go, see if I can, once again find the tranquility of knitting, this time, not with the tinkly sound of addis, but with the very faint sound of Denises because I'm going to use a MUCH longer cable this time so that perhaps I can avoid another moebius/frogging mistake. Now...I'm off to not so mindless, albeit still very soothing knitting...wish me luck.


Knitting-Nelly said...

Oh no! Sorry about the top turned mobius! I hate it when I'm looking forward to some relaxing knitting and find that I have a huge mistake to fix.

It's such a cute pattern -- I'm sure it will be adorable when you're finished!

sara_jayne said...

:( How horrid - I hope you've recovered by now!