Thursday, June 01, 2006


HOW EXCITED AM I?!!! My sock pattern is now available @ DivaKnitting! I'm so happy that Cheryl and I talked about my writing a pattern for her store, I'm pleased to have been able to do this for her! It's been almost a year since my 1st sock pattern was published by KnitPicks and I guess it was about time to write another sock pattern.
LOL, normally when I create something in knitting I just leave behind notes that only I can decipher...I really need to write patterns for everything & do away with my eclectic note keeping. I will admit that there are times when I've looked back in my knitty notes & it's taken me a while to actually decipher my thoughts. I think that I shall now turn over a new leaf, I will begin writing patterns for all of my knitty creations.
Time will tell if I actually stick to this decision.

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roxtarchic said...

i CANT put the ring up (believe me i thought about it heheh)... but thanx for your help! love the blog (and your pix) totally inspired me!