Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A new day of blogging and knitting

Well, I'm up and running with my blog adventure, thanks, in no small part to some of my friends on the KnittingHelp forum....we do many more things other than knitting. On to knitting, I began the beautiful Rose, using size 6 addis and Sonata (in a lovely shade of blue) from Elann; I'm so happy that I ordered it some time back because it's now sold out!!! Anyway, I was knitting along, and last night as I was about to add another ball of yarn, I looked at my knitting and I was NOT at all happy with the look, the sts were not neat enough for my taste, so I frogged it and began again. I'm not particularly happy that I had to frog a this project when it was about 1/3 complete, but I am very happy that I discovered that I didn't like my sts now rather than.....later.
Now, this leaves me to wonder if I will be finished with this top for my sister by the time that the Knitting World Cup begins......hmmmm. I do so hope so! I have entered the World Cup with team Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style. A part of my anniversary gifts from Lonnie was enough Silk Garden to complete Lady Eleanor & this is a very good reason to get busy and get Lady Eleanor knitted.


Cheryl said...

Very cool blog :) It's about time you have one.

sara_jayne said...

I wish my husband would buy as much yarn for me as yours does! :)