Friday, March 20, 2015

Cool Video AND YARN company, YEAH, Fiber-files, that's what I said!!!

Hey Again!
Who knew I'd return to blog in the same day?! INCREDIBLE, if I do say so, myself.
Well, the reason for my quick return is to share the end of a video series/tutorial that I've been watching about a new yarn company's shawl kit.
The video is from 1001 Knits and you can see the entire series on the 1001 Knits YouTube Channel. But, for now, I'll show the end results. Please, go back and watch the other vids from Felice (aka 1001Knits), you will enjoy them and, especially learning about this new yarn company,  and the way in which their yarn is created by helping the disenfranchised in different countries. Please do read about Skeino's vision and the way that they are helping others here. NOT forget to look at their GORGEOUS yarns..I think I'm fallin' in love with a new yarn...uhoh!!

I want to wish ya'll all HAPPY KNITTING as I stick my toe back in these blog waters, so to speak because I'll be back to share my knitty shenanigans and my LOVE of yarn and all things knitty!! a matter of fact, if any of you used to read my blog, you'll remember just how much I ADORE vintage knitting items such as this BEAUTIFUL yarn holder from the 1950's or 60's and I use all the time...using it right now as a matter of fact!

 photo image.jpg11_zpsa2u9bgic.jpg

With that said, I'm off to continue my knitting and hope ya'll have a very blessed and knit-worthy weekend!



Felice said...

Thank you sharing my video, that is so sweet of you! Keep on blogging, but most importantly keep on Knitting ;) !

Becka said...

You're quite welcome 😀 I like your Skeino series and, who knows, you might interest me in crochet in the future.