Thursday, May 08, 2014

RUN, RUN as fast as you can to the Yarn Zone!!!

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I just discovered the FANTASTIC Yarn Zone online yarn shop and had to share with my knitty friends who are kind enough to stop by my site. 
The Yarn Zone has lavish yarns with OUTSTANDING prices. For example, right now, SWTC Tofutsies is being sold for $5.00 a skein! The sale is scrolling on Yarn Zone's home page right now!!! In addition to the incredible sale of my FAVORITE SOCK YARN, the Yarn Zone also has other incredible sales. Another example is the sale of bags of SWTC Karaoke yarn for $30.00!! Additional sales are found throughout the site with various yarn companies.
 To find these 'huge' or 'blowout deals's look at the top left button on Yarn Zone's home page and click on the button that reads BLOWOUT DEALS and you will be directed to the 'blowout deals' such as bags of yarn at incredible prices! 
 BUT, dear friends there is a caveat, a favor that I would like to ask of each of you, please. When you make a purchase, PLEASE mention that I sent you as you are checking out; something like, 
"Becka sent me!"
You see, I am in the process of convincing a few friends that the fabulous knitters that honor me by visiting my site are many and kind enough to mention my name AND....
The FIRST 20 to make a purchase and mention "Becka Sent Me" in the checkout process will receive a gift with purchase!!!
 photo YZ_web_banner_zps05536a4a.jpg

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