Friday, August 15, 2008



I hope all is well with EVERYONE!

Sorry to have been away for so long, busy with life!
We were honored with the visit of our middle daughter & family (including our 1 & only grandchild!!!) - goodness, it was WONDERFUL, we hadn't seen them in years! What a glorious time!
I designed & knit 3 pairs of socks (LOL, FYI, the "fake" photo of the other pair of socks is in the previous post, LOL!) for Lonnie's birthday (I'm happy to announce my MOJO has returned!) - he so loved them! I must say, he makes a wife proud - he shows off his socks to EVERYONE (brings a tear to a knitty wife's eye!)! Not only that, the 2009 Knitting Pattern Calendars arrived and he took one to work to put on his desk because some socks I designed for him are in it! My goodness, no telling what that calendar may end up looking like by 2009, LOL! But, I was sure proud when he walked out the door with it!
Not only did he love them,
but my very favorite yarn company loved the new designs, too! So much so that they wanted the designs!! As well as a new scarf design that I came up with -
I'm sorry that I can't show you the photos of my finished projects - they will have the photos when they make the patterns available - then I'll show the photos of these AND those that I have the pleasure of knitting with their YUMMILICIOUS yarns! And let me tell ya, these yarns are DELISH, I so LOVE them!!!! It's, I don't have the words to explain - let's just say it's a really yummy experience to have this yarn glide through the knitty fingers as I knit!!!! YEAH, BABY!!

I had to pop in briefly and share my exciting news - now, I must go, I've got yummy knitting to do!!!!


Lobug said...

Congratulations!!!!! That is wonderful! Great job! As a newer designer, I understand the excitement ;) Enjoy your yummy knitting. :-)

Daisy mum said...

Congrats to you I am about to submit to the calendar as well for the folowing year. Great job. I can't wait to see the photos.

bunnits said...

Your blog is so cute and always makes me smile. I've decided to add a blog list to mine so I can keep up with your doings. (aka archaeologie on Ravelry)