Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oops, I did it again!

Oh My, I just deleted my entire post!
There wasn't much there to begin with! I shall begin again with...sorry I've not been online and a faithful blogger in checking with my fellow bloggers! I'm afraid I've just not been online very much at all in the past year for many reasons of which I will not bore you!
I have updated my 2008 knitting and wip in my sidebar AND as I was doing so noticed that I've not even posted photos of a few FOs from this year! And I so want to do so! But, rather than editing them, which will take a LONG time because I will spend a great deal of time playing with the Photoshop Element 6 my Honey gave me and it will take away from my current work which is finishing the Pay It Forward gifts for my angels and that is more important. So, I've refrained from editing these photos....I will post them all in the future after my PIF angels' gifts are completed, which will be soon! I have photos of them, but, alas, can't share those, now can I?!
I also can't post without at least one photo! I found this picture of one of my 1st scarves which I gave to my mil for Christmas 2004!
I'm off to work on _____________ for my Pay It Forward angel and finish _________ for my other PIF angel!
Such fun!


roxtarchic said...

mmuah.... happy mothers day!

JulieB said...

you've been memed! :op go check my blog to get the explination!