Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Man SO DESERVES a Medal!!

My goodness, ya'll know already that Lonnie is the best husband in the world, that he spoils me rotten on a very regular basis. Well, he has gone far and beyond his normal spoiling! I have controlled myself & not posted about each thing (which has been very hard! because he's wonderful!), but after this surprise today I just had to hop on here and share just a few of the things he's come home with for me in the past couple of's a steady flow from one of my very favorite stores, Bath & Body Works! He knows me so well, knows my favorite lotions, creams, body butters & the fragrances of each. The man even knows my favorite facial treatment & brings home Patricia Wexler MD items all of the time (her products are amazing!)! The man is a saint, I tell you!
He knows if I'm feeling kind of blue because I'm hurting, even though I try not to say anything to him or act differently around him, he just knows. Well, I say that, but that's certainly not the reason....surprises fly in the door no matter how I'm feeling, he's just SPECTACULAR (in many more ways than gift giving, too!). Okay, a few of the things (and many in multiples): FYI, thank goodness, I have finally talked him into indulging himself in such niceties, too! He has also stocked up on nice shaving lotions & men's toiletries, etc, too (and I'm so very HAPPY to see that he treats himself to such goodies, too! For whatever reason, he didn't like such things for himself until recently when he sampled some things in the store that he liked!)!
Not only does he do all of this for me, but he came home Saturday with their Wallflowers (the Linen fragrance - so fresh and clean) aromatherapy for the house, got one for almost every room!!!

AND the weekend before he comes in and hands me THIS spectacular, huge overnight bag!!!
I am OVERWHELMED! My goodness I'm truly married to an absolute ! And you know what?! I've not even covered but a fraction of the surprises that have come into the home from this man. AND he is the most considerate person in all of the world! He has a heart of pure gold. He's had young men that have worked for him and these kids didn't get paid much, had very tight budgets, etc. and Lonnie would take them various things, a TV we didn't use, or a dvd player, take them out to lunch regularly & he always takes them under his wing. He always, always offers a listening ear at work (often to people others don't even want to speak with). Like I said...a saint! His mother has lived with us part time for many years, when she was out of town a few months ago Lonnie remodeled (big time) the 3rd bedroom for her so that she can live with us full time (we are currently making the transition) but even before she began living with us every weekend he would get her every Saturday and they would go & do whatever just to spend time together, just the 2 or them. How many 50 year old sons do you know that do that?! How many sons of any age do you know that do that?!
They do so to this very day & always will. LOL, she's in her 80's but you would never know! I know that a few hours every Sat. belong to Lonnie and his mom and I think that's just outstanding! Yes, he is a man among men, My Man is and I thought you should all know (lol, as if I'd not said so in the past once or twice, lol!)
Okay, the reason that I created this post, "My Man SO DESERVES a Medal!!" was the icing on the cake today...he's working late tonight & had a late lunch & came by the house to check on me as he often does and he had a huge Bath & Body Works bag that he handed to me with in it!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE?! Oh Me, Oh My, the softest, warmest robe I have ever had! So, as you can see, I had to share, I had to brag about this man of mine, this gift that God gave me & I thank God for every day because I am one lucky girl!
From Our Home To Your's Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to One & All


Sandi said...

One are truly one lucky and blessed lady! Enjoy it all! Sandi

roxtarchic said...

just wanted to say hello.... sending you warm wishes & hope you're feeling better (altho w/a husband like lonnie i'm certain you are).... i've been in MOMMY MODE (hehehe) and trying to juggle my three hours (in between feedings)... but couldnt help stopping by and saying hi!

and i'm so excited your pif angel gifted you such a lovely gift...

Anonymous said...

OH OH OH I need to get that back in the dark brown. I have their bag from a few years ago where the whole thing is the moc croc.
Thanks for sharing!!