Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Being So SPOILED!

LOL after yesterday's very brief post I sounded like it would be a long time before I returned! Well, tonight as I'm kicked back in bed I decided it was time to remedy that situation!
Okay, ya'll all know about the health deal with my disability (hip/leg) and the newest bad ankles deal...well, I have been experiencing excruciating pain so much so that I didn't feel like blogging or doing anything else with people, my apologies! Good news, slowly but surely feeling better! And then, the freaky thing, my left hand began to hurt horribly because I had been knitting and walking on crutches so much, knitting for the past 2 weeks....but, before then (and still OTN) I was knitting my 1st pair of toe up socks (still prefer cuff down!), these, too, will be for Lonnie.
With virtually nothing to do I told my youngest I would post items on ebay for her! I didn't realize there were 2700 items that I had to sort through, photograph, edit, research and list on Ebay! 2700 might be a bit of an exaggeration...but not much! It has been fun, though (and it's helped me through my frequent bouts of "JONESIN' FOR THE KNIT!") by giving me something to do with my hands! Get this, Ebay had a deal on Wed, the 15th that if you posted and used a gallery photo and a few other rules then you didn't have to pay listing fees.....I photographed, edited, researched and listed 20+ items ..... of which I think quite impressive. LOL, I have found that in one listing for an Aura Science item I typed Aura Scienc3, and ... what can I say I'm not the best ebay seller, LOL! I still have many more to post, but that will be after this current deluge is done, it's a bummer packaging 8 or so packages a night! I don't know how Ebay stores do's really a pain, much MORE fun to shop on Ebay.

Speaking of shopping on Ebay, (I've lost track of the days from ebay listing, lol) I think it was yesterday, I was sitting at the house computer, waiting for Lonnie to come home so I could meet him at the door. I then sat back down and continued whatever I was doing on the computer then Lonnie said, "I need to get there for a minute, okay?!" I said, "Okay, Honey, that's not a problem." He was using his almost angry voice! Well, he leans over and all the time I'm talking to him so I didn't notice what he was doing and he then said, "Look at this." Showing me that he had the winning bid for !!! I had not even a clue he had been bidding on it! I had put it on my watch list, then forgot about it because I was busy helping Shannon with her Ebay items! I literally screamed! You see, this is the ONE, the yarn holder that I have been in search of and missed so many times. It's large, has a slit across the top and either a hole or slit on each side...perfect for socknitting or anything, it's big enough to carry more than sock yarn like most of the European wool holders! I can't say it enough best husband in the world!

And that's not all! We went to Charleston for a day trip a couple of weeks ago and all the way there I talked to and showed my mil pics of the socks that I want to knit, "Traveling Socks" (from the book "SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS) like Sockbug's (if only I can knit any that look that nice!). Well, I always have a list and he saw it and saw sock yarn for TS on it and asked me if that was the yarn for "those socks" and I said "yes" and he said, "Please let me order them for you so you while they have the ones you want." And these arrived in the mail today: Art Yarns Ultra Merino Sock yarn....CAN YOU BELIEVE ?!

And that's not even close to all that I've received in this past week-10 days in the mail! Oh, and when we were in Charleston I got these for Lonnie and me...I love that sock yarn!
Okay, during KnitPicks 40% off sale I've ordered a couple of books, (I must learn more about knitting with color - good book!) and ...a FANTASTIC book! Ya'll know how much interest I have in unusual and/or non-wool yarns (hot in the south for too much wool!). LOL, I do have that knitting book obsession addiction passion just like I do with all things knitty!
That looks like more than any one girl should get in a week or 2, doesn't it?! Well, my dear dear Lonnie surprised me yet again! A couple of days ago I heard something hit the door (I told ya'll I have the best mailman, he always brings packages to the door rather than blowing his horn and/or leaving a pickup notice in the box because he knows of my disability and he doesn't want me to walk out to his truck or go to the P. O. on crutches) and it was addressed to me from KnitPicks, I was at a loss, had no idea what it could be. Well, he had ordered Is that not the most romantic thing EVER . I say it all the time, he is the best husband in the world, BUT, not because he spoils me so, but because he has a heart of pure, platinum! We love to be together! Look forward to our vacations together (currently planning a train trip to DC in the spring!) and going places together, even if it's just to Circuit City or the mall! God definitely made us for one really ROCK, God! (lol, not something I usually say when I talk about God, but it's so true!

I'm not even close to finished, either! My dear, sweet mil lives with us part-time and has for many, many years and we all have decided she will live with us full-time....this shows Lonnie's heart...she was out of town seeing one of Lonnie's brothers for 2 weeks, during that time Lonnie completely redid her room. I'm talking new sheetrock, flooring, trimming, painting (of course since he put up the sheetrock, duh!). This was when I was on strict bedrest, so I was of no use...he picked out the perfect pedestal sink and toilet for her bathroom, along with all of the accessories...mirror, cabinet, towels, EVERYTHING ..... and new furniture (except the bed) in the bedroom...all alone, he has great taste! Then we were in Target one evening and I saw a gorgeous bedding set on sale....Lonnie thought a minute and said we couldn't afford it because of everything else (almost forgot, new bathroom & closet doors, too!).
I was feeling better later in the week and we went back to Target to pick up Lonnie's prescription....well, next thing I knew he was in bed & bath section, got the bedding, new pillows & curtains to go over the new 2 in" blinds....When I say he redid the room to welcome her home for good....I mean he redid the ENTIRE room......heart of platinum!
I digress, my sweet mil ordered for me...CAN YOU BELIEVE?! She saw me looking at it on the computer and I commented on the upgrades and she asked me if it would help me with socks and I said, "Yes, ma'am, I'm sure it will." She then said, well, let's order it right now! Lonnie gets this huge heart from his mom! That's easy to surmise, isn't it?! so much, Mom!

Nope, still not all....remember, we've had a swap going on over at Knitting Help. FYI, I had been knitting for Bethany (and the lace top fit )and had given her some of the best sock yarns around (IMHO) the 1st part of the swap and she's making Jaywalkers with the Opal Silk...go look on her blog & see the gorgeous Jaywalkers. There's a photo of her wearing the top (it fits I'm so happy that it does!) and the other things I knit for her. I had a BLAST knitting for you, Bethany, it was a pleasure!

Now, I finally found out who my very special pal is...the ONE AND ONLY KRISTIN!!! Boy, she spoiled me, too! I told ya'll the past couple of weeks have been amazing...continue to read and look, please! I pretty much guarantee that you will be as overwhelmed as I. Oh my, this post is a mile long, so I will allow you to read what I've written on the photos, click on each one to enlarge it. She knows me so well, each and every item is as if I were shopping for myself! I cried like a big baby as I opened these lovelies because she did so very much for me. Went far above & beyond .... her emails were always fun & uplifting and the most special gift is the gift of a new friend. These are the many, many goodies that she gave me & everything was obviously from the heart. Kristin, many tims over! When I opened the book, the final gift, I was so overcome with emotion for all that she had done that I then really began to really cry, I had been teary eyed since I opened the cards and became more so as I opened each additional gift....wouldn't you?! Thank you, again, Kristin, you helped me through some very difficult times with my health during these 2 months with your gifts and your perfectly timed emails. I don't think that I will ever be able to adequately express my thanks for your overwhelming kindness! I guess I end it with these words....GIRL, YOU ROCK !!!
As ya'll have noticed...I also have the Best Swap Pal in the World!
FYI, I will (hopefully) post more often now that I'm beginning to feel better and there will be no more "book-like" posts! But I just HAD to share all of these things with ya'll.
And.....a teaser for another post, I have a very wonderful, special surprise to share with everyone!


Kristin said...

I'm so happy that you liked everything so much and that I helped to cheer you up! You are so sweet and I'm so glad to have made a new friend! :)

psammeadred said...

Just thought you might want to know...the Jaywalkers are done! And they turned out fantastic!