Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm back with updates!

Hey everybody! Thanks so much for your sweet comments, thoughts and prayers...please don't stop!, I have since sprained my right ankle (left hip is the one with the multiple replacements so I HAVE to have a good right leg/foot!) and was bitten 3 times by something...dr. thinks a spider, am on meds for it. Good news...ankle and bites are getting better!
My you know she was diagnosed with a rare diverticulitus and colitis and has been taking meds for them, pain continued and dr. ordered another CAT scan & bloodwork for her yesterday and called her today to tell her that she has a 5mm kidney stone!!! Please, please, please pray that she passes it quickly and that there will be no need for any other intervention. The GI dr. had no advice for her (he called late in the day) and a urologist that is one of her client's is going to look at her CAT scan in the morning and call her with advice.
Whooooooo, poor baby, she's had one thing after another. Please pray for her and TIA for doing so.

Okay, I'm not all doom and gloom by any means....I've finished a new sock pattern, Rockin' Strat Men's Socks Lonnie got a vintage Stratocaster the week I finished them, thus the name!

I love blogging because I meet so many nice people and one of those nice people that I met, Suzanne had a blog contest and I WON...I WON!! I couldn't believe that I won and then a few days ago when I got my package of goodies from her I was absolutely STUNNED!! Check it out she gave me 2 GORGEOUS hanks of Wool in the Woods yarn in the "grappa" colorway that is sitting on the hope chest looking at me as we decide what they want to become. Not only did she give me this wonderful yarn, but STUNNING sterling, beaded st. markers and one of my very favorite things, a bar of handmade soap that smells was as if I had been shopping for myself, everything she gave me was a favorite of mine and a sweet, sweet card! I have to say it again My Friend, you Rock

As if that's not enough cheery, knitty goodness, Lonnie comes along with his things! Well, I already posted that we had ordered a yarn holder and so cool bakelite st. holder and a bakelite mushroom darner (hasn't arrived from England yet) for my anniversary gift from him and I was VERY, VERY HAPPY with these beauties and didn't expect another thing.
Well, I was unable to go to church this past Sunday (which was Mother's Day and our anniversary) because the dr. had told me that I had to stay off of my ankle (lol, a change from having to stay in bed because of my hip, LOL!). I'm sitting in bed knitting his socks when he's in church and after church he called me to say he was going by Best Buy (he's a musician and loves all things musical and loves Best Buy and such stores as I do yarn shops) which was perfectly normal. Well, he comes walking in the bedroom with a bag from Bath and Body Works full of my favorite cream and lotion. AND a bag from Barnes & Noble.... and !!! This shows how well he knows me, he had heard me say that I wanted to get Mason Dixon one day when we were in ACMoore and the "Mason Dixon" spot was empty. But, he had no idea that I had been craving the arrival of the Vogue book, which is GREAT, by the way! Once again, I must say....I have the best HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!!! FYI...he got an amp to go with his vintage Strat for our anniversary!

Please, please forgive me for not stopping by your blogs but I do hope to do better since my multiple crises seem to be over. And if Shannon passes her stone soon I will be more in the frame of mind to blog around...I miss you all!!!


lmilla said...

Welcome back! And Happy Mother's day and Happy anniversary, belated!

I hate to do this... and if this is the equivalent of a chain letter in the blog world, you don't have to do this at all. I'm supposed to tag seven people... check out my blog for more info... I'm tagging you!

Romi said...

Welcome back! All good thoughts and warmth coming to you and your daughter. Be well!

hakucho said...

Your daughter is still in my prayers...poor baby :(

Nice socks! ...and wow another vintage yarn holder!

Sure hope everything will be on the up swing from now on!

del said...

I do hope all goes well with your dd! **hugs to you**

NICE haul, as usual :-)

tiennie said...

It does sound like you're doing better! Wishing you and your daughter the best.

Tina said...

Had to stop by and say "Hi". I hope all goes well for both you and your daughter.

Love the sock name. said...

What great goodies and what a great hubby. I hope all goes well for you and your daughter. I completely sympathize with the kidney stone, I used to have gall bladder stones until I had my gall bladder removed.

Holly said...

I hope you and your daughter are doing ok! I feel for your daughter, I too have kidney stones (far too often) and I can say they're hell. I hope it went, uhh, well (or at least as well as a kidney stone can) for her. Much love and prayers to both of you!

AR said...

Yikes! You guys are getting hit hard.

Hope everything goes better and soon!

Thank God that the knitting can make you feel better for a bit.

KBlicious said...

eep! how did i miss another men's sock pattern!?!?!? LOVE IT and thank you AGAIN for posting these!!!! it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to see fresh men's sock patterns!!! SO NICE!!! one day i will make some socks for myself! i swear i will! ;) p.s. any relation to a kate or chuck?