Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Three Wishes

Hello People, What's (shakin?)?!

I have recently joined (as you can see by my sidebar, I'm a joiner, LOL!). Anyway, this is where I finally came upon a person that made clear the way in which the WIP trackers that I have on my sidebar are installed....and that was a major accomplishment because I had been trying to figure it out for MONTHS! After that, I decided that I had to join!
Well, one of the features of Blogger's Paradise is the blog-a-long: "those who wish to participate will write a minimum of one post on the theme of the month." Our theme this month is:

Three Wishes, If a genie came along and granted you three wishes what would they be?

You know, that's not nearly as easy as it sounds! There are lots of things that I would, should, could wish for. And, of course, there's the ever popular...I wish that all my wishes would come true...a very dangerous one, this! One could wish something like "I wish I had all of the knitting books in the world" instead of being more specific and saying, "I wish that I had a copy of all of the knitting books in the world that are written in English." The 1st wish, your town is full of knitting books, the 2nd your library is full of them. So, one has to be careful with wishes (these are, of course, wishes that we know are going to come true ).

After much thought (well, a bit today), my wishes are as follows:
1. My dear husband has a bad back, I wish that he would not just be "pain free" but that it be cured without any type of surgery...cured in an instant!
2. My daughter is going through a few personal problems (I will not mention said problems because I did write personal) and it's my wish that all will be a-okay....perfect, actually!
3. A family member is battling with a dilemma, I wish that it goes well and she is at peace.

Yes, I could have gone on and on and really wished for some being a billionaire, but money does not buy happiness or health. I could have wished that I were cured and no longer had to live in pain , but loved ones are of much more importance. I learned a valuable lesson while participating in this month's (my 1st, I just joined, remember!) (and friends..I'll catch ya'll the next time we have a month for 3 wishes!) is, indeed, a gift from God!


Michelle said...

That is such a neat blogalong. The only wishes that I can think of are health and happiness for my family.

Nora said...

You're right... health and happiness are far more important than material possessions. Although, all the knitting books written in English wouldn't be bad either... :)

Romi said...

Well said. :) And I wish good health and happiness for you and yours.

AR said...

Health and happiness for everyone, especially my kids, and you and yours, and my friends and family, and.... :)

tiennie said...

You are a very generous person! Family and health - it's at the top of my list and I'm thankful everyday that we are a healthy bunch.

Anonymous said...

Loved your 3 wishes. You're so thoughtful. Health, prosperity, and happiness would be in my top 3.

As for knitting books and languages, I found out my mom did a little knitting when she was school-aged. She's from Japan. She looked at my patterns when we went camping together and said she'd have to show me how they their patterns looked. Something about using symbols. Our patterns didn't make any sense to her.

Knitbert said...

I do hope your wishes come true Becka, and while I am at it I hope you get at least some of the knitting books in English!

RUTH said...

A lovely blogalong post. I hope your wishes come true as much as they can.