Friday, September 29, 2006

The Answers...and some knitting

Several people have asked that I post answers to the clues from the Scavenger Hunt, so here we go! I will give you both the answers that I had and some of the different answers that the hunters came up with, all were correct, of course!

1. Show me a cube of the 1980’s.
Everyone had the same answer here, rubic's cube, of course!

2. I need a grape cylindrical writing tool.
I was looking for a purple pen, I got wonderfully diverse purple writing instruments! How fun is that?! Don't you wish you had played?! Those of you who did made my week!

3. Musical drifting stinger of the sea. Okay, my answer was the band, Jellyfish (of which I'm listening to now...which song do you think?! "Princess Toadstool, I know you're frightened....").
Some of you had the same answer, some of the others were Ray Charles, get it..."Sting..Ray" (I thought this very creative!). And the Stingray guitar! Also very creative!

4. Tall, thin characters in a Beatles cartoon. Apple Bonkers of course! I also got a cartoon photo of the Beatles looking very tall...also okay!

5. Say hello to my little friend.
This is a famous quote from the movie "Scarface" which most everyone got, but I got a wonderful photo of my best little friend, too, Sally! I so love this answer!!

6. Out on the road today I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.
Don Henley of Eagles, fame, or course! Most everyone got this same answer, too. I also got another great photo of... an actual deadhead sticker on a cadillac...very cool!

7. Pocket Parrot
Parrotlet which everyone agreed upon! I had to add this because the bird that I lost a few months ago, Bo was a parrotlet, a wonderful little bird!

8. Colorful Amazonian tropical fish
I was going for the coloful cichlids, but any Amazonian fish was correct and I got several different answers (sorry, I'm cutting back on the photos so blogger doesn't go nuts!).

9. I need headgear from a fast food place.
I was thinking of the "crown" given to kids at Burger King. I got some wonderful photos (have to share these!). hat from Micky D's; and bucket head are great examples of the Hunters' imaginations!

10. Don’t mind her. She’s still upset because somebody dropped a house on her sister.
Quote from the movie "Beetlejuice" but the witch from the "Wizard of Oz" is an acceptable answer, too, afterall it was her sister!

11. Underwater transportation of the fab 4.
Yellow Submarine, of course! Everyone agreed!

12. Go to the mattresses.
Famous quote from the Godfather movies (Godfather 2, actually). I got a couple of different answers which I loved! and obvious answer! and the answer of a true knitter, the mattress stitch!

13. I hear the ocean with it next to my ear.
Conch shell...everyone agreed.

14. My fave knitting needles.
You all know me so well, which puts a big smile on my face! My Options, of course! You also gave me some of your fave needles!

15. My fave knitting yarn.
SWTC yarn, of course! You also shared some of your faves.

16. bgk
Another clue that I truly enjoyed! My answer was the book, "Big Girl Knits" which several of you answered. Some of answers were Big Giant Knitting and the blog, Bubble Gum Knits! These are so creative!

17. Musical Affirmative
The group, "Yes," which everyone agreed upon.

18. Creator of the slip stitch edge.
I was going for Annie Modesitt, I also got Elizabeth Zimmerman as an answer and who can say no?! We all know EZ created all things knitty!

19. Designer of the June scarf.
Our good friend Kemp from DivaKnitting, of course!

20. We’re off to see the wizard.
Everyone agreed on this one, too...."Wizard of Oz" characters, of course!

Now, onto the knitting...
This past week I have been knitting for my great-nieces, as I have said in previous posts. Well, I can happily announce that I am DONE! I normally love knitting for little ones, but I really, really hate to knit with acrylic and fat needles! LOL, what a change since the beginning! Two years ago I was knitting with nothing but acrylic and fat needles, I thought these to be divine! Gone are those days, my friend! I have become a knitting snob! WOW, that is hard to admit! But, honestly, it is the truth, I don't like to knit with cheap acrylic or most arts & crafts store yarns in general. Does this phenomenon happen with all knitters after knitting for a couple of years?! You tell me...are You a yarn snob or an all out knitting snob like me?! I mean, now I must have certain needles to knit with, those being KnitPicks Options, addi turbos or Denises. I refuse to touch another knitting needle! As for yarn, I just don't see myself knitting with anything from a store other than a yarn shop. Oh, oh, I take that back, perhaps I'm not an all out knittng snob because I don't mind knitting (for kids) with TLC Cotton Plus yarn and I buy it from ACMoore! I digress...
Back to my knitting. I finished the capelets and tops for my nieces. I used the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet pattern from for the girls' capelets and Knit and Tonic's short snort tank for one top and a simple raglan top from the book, Loop D Loop for these things.
The yarn...LionBrand Woolease and Jiffy and my addis and options needles.
Now, I hope to knit the top for my sister that I've been planning to knit for some time now. I originally decided on Picolovi, then I changed to "Molly Ringwald" top from KnitScene and I changed my mind once again and definitely decided on "Rusted Root" from Zephyr Style and I ordered the pattern this morning, paid via PayPal and have heard nothing! I'm so upset, I've since emailed asking when to expect the pattern and have heard nothing in the past 6 hours, is this normal?! I've ordered many patterns online and I've always gotten an immediate email with instructions about downloading the file...I've heard nothing! I'm a bit upset, too. Have any of you ordered from this site?! It's the same place where the very popular "Green Gable" top is. Sorry, don't mean to whine, but I wanted to start on the sweater right away...several hours ago! I do so hope that I hear something quickly, I had finally decided on this top, I don't want to go back to "indecision" mode, LOL!
EDIT EDIT it was as I had hoped, Zephyr Style was having problems with their download server. Patterns are normally downloaded right away after payment. LOL, I didn't mean that I hoped that they had server problems, rather I had hoped that it was something as simple as that! I do believe I'm going to have to order all of their patterns, too, these girls are quite talented!

One more thing and this long post is done....Friday's Feast

Feast One Hundred & Thirteen

What is your favorite herb or spice?

Name a song you like but haven't heard in a long time.
When a Man Loves a Woman

If you were to take just one minute to write down as many things as you can think of that you need (not want) to do, approximately how many things would there be?

Main Course
Tell something interesting about one of your family members (nothing scandalous, please, just something unique).
My husband is a musician and singer. He has a beautiful voice, sounds a lot like Art Garfunkel. He sang to me at our wedding, right before my brother and bil gave me away, I still had one on each arm, which is good because I immediately became weak in the knees as he looked at me and began to sing "If" by Bread.

What's the latest you've ever stayed awake?
All night


knitfriendly said...

I must admit...I have become a yarn snob to some degree. I just prefer the feel of natural fibers as opposed to the squeaky acrilique. Now, I do still use patons classic merino wool and that is from AC Moore....but it is nice stuff! :) I am also in absolute LOVE with my knit picks options needle set.

Andrea said...

I am becoming a snob too :)

Your FOs look great!

Please do another hunt soon, I didn't get a chance to enter this one!

AR said...

Those little sets look so so so cute!

del said...

I'm not so much a needle snob...I've had to use aluminum & plastic when the situation called for them. But yeah, I really don't like acrylic.

Mama Bear said...

Ha, I KNEW you were more organized than I am. If I had one minute to list all the things I NEED to do, the list length would only be limited by how fast I could write!

Enjoyed reading the hunt answers. I know how you feel about acrylic. I also only use it for love. It's what my mom prefers for her slipper socks, and what they usually ask for when doing preemie knitting. The capelets look great.

sara_jayne said...

What a creative scavenger hunt - great job, Becka! I love the little capelet and tank sets - so adorable. I'm a yarn snob too and I haven't even been knitting for a year! My mom makes fun of me, but oh well, it is my hobby! I'm so in love with my Options that I'm actually going to sell some of my Addis!

Pink Dandelion said...

The capelet and tanks sets are adorable!!

Thanks so much for showing us what the 'real' answers were and the crativity of the ones you got! It was fun looking through those :-)

I have to admit I'm a yarn snob... I don't need expensive yarns, but I can't stand acrylics, the squeak of most really grates on my nerves. I can handle eyelash if I have a reason to use it (which is seldom, but it does have it's uses), but my needle snobbery isn't too bad.